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Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in Indonesia

Tropic Minimalist Home Design Architecture in East Java, Indonesia

The architectural design minimalist house at home is not difficult as the size. We can make some small areas look even bigger then actual size. In Malang, East Java, Indonesia, several small houses adapt to minimize the architectural design tropical house. It uses some of gardening, wall color composition, texture and some home decor.

Minimalist House Design

Minimalist home decor could use some elements such as the use of a small gate, textured floors and gardening. minimalist home architecture design is not really good in the tropical climate. The cause of the high temperature makes the house hotter than a bigger house. But, if the small house architectural design to adapt good air circulation, it will affect the heat problem.

architecture necessary for a small area of the house. It can explore a small area appear larger than it is real.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Creating a Minimalist Home Design That Embodies "The Luxury of Enough"

Why Houses Minimalist
Creating a minimalist home design that embodies "the luxury of enough" | Minimalist House Design

Why Houses Minimalist?
Many Americans long for a simple life and there are so many books and guides to help us find it in their daily routine and in the workplace. However, most of us are unpracticed in explaining to others (or even ourselves) what a simple house or a minimalist for a truly life would look like. We feel that there is something missing in our hurried routines, but we do not know where to start editing the complexity.

In my book, we began a simple exploration of the 21 homes across the country and the experiences of people who built them. The houses and their owners travel offers an interesting counterpoint to the way most people buy a new home developers in the market today.

Pathways to Home Search
21 houses are arranged in six lines that people use simple ask what really matters to them well in their lives and homes. Ranging from saving for flexibility in design, this track can help you consider your own home and how to simplify it. Roads are as follows:

Simple and minimalist design of the house is enough - A house is minimalist and simple is a positive affirmation of "the luxury of simply" By this we mean that a simple home design begins with finding out how much you really need and what you can eliminate .. Luxury of sufficient means to face the fact that you really do not need eight-burner stove and a larger kitchen for the house. Forty years ago, the utility used to be a bad word in home design. In the 1950s rambler, the utility room is not really a showplace for our guests. But today, many utilitarian buildings such as warehouses and an old barn, is a highly desirable location for new housing and work space. They are designed for pure function for storage and industry, but this time they worked brilliantly for the open-plan living. They offer the luxury of living in a world apart.

simple, minimalist home is often a rectangular, sometimes square, and was always "enough," whether in terms of dormers, the number of bathrooms, or square recordings. At this point, we visit homes that reflect their owners choosing to live instead of images they want to present to the street. This design for "adequate" appear deceptively simple because they really grew out of a lot of careful decision making.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Minimalist House Plan Design by Craftsman

Simple and minimalist design house plans directly from the many houses have been built.

This has been one of the most popular of the Craftsman home design and shown here has been slightly modified from the plan first, modifications and improvements that have been suggested by different people who have built homes, so they are all very valuable as a result of practical experience. Although the picture shows the patch walls and foundations of field stone, the design lends itself quite as easily to a wall of brick or stone, or even for shingles or clapboards, if a wooden house as desired.

Outside the kitchen at the back is only recommended if the house built in this country, because in that city would not be necessary. In such a farmhouse outside the kitchen because it affords the easiest place for outdoor work such as laundry and ironing, canning, preserving and other tasks much less tedious if done in the open. The position of the chimney at the rear of the house to allow the stove to be placed on the porch he was to use it. This house was designed so that the kitchen in the vicinity may be added to or removed, as desired, without making any difference to the overall plan. Plan of the lower story shows the composition of ordinary open Craftsman houses. The entrance opens into the small entries are filtered from the living room by portieres weight, so no draft from the front door is felt on the inside.

Home Design Ideas Home Design Ideas

Home design interior: Outside the living room wall is a fireplace and bookshelves settings, as shown in the picture. A large table was placed in the middle, settle for it by coming back and facing the fire.
Floor Plans minimalist home design

Floor Plans simple home design

Monday, 19 April 2010

Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home Designs: CEBRA architect recently completed a house in Danish with a minimalist black and white profile exterior. Sinus's house hoping to have intended to incorporate the large glass area and saw the desire for privacy.

Minimalist House Design

The rooms in the house is conceived as an independent box which together form the central area to live with: Kitchen, family room and living room. Bedroom with own bathroom and toilet is one independent unit. Opposite the bedroom for two rooms placed end to end. Between the rooms there is a break, which can be used by children or adults that you like, or can be used as a third space.

The house appears as a dark mass with a white or cuttings pleatings - almost corresponds to cutting a piece of apple. Surface consists of a dark house with a covered roof and wall pieces and feel of gray bricks and joints dark shiny anthracite. Twigs covered with white plaster and painted.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Art Murals for Large Spaces

We think the large murals that you see in Starbuck or Barnes and Nobles are really cool.  We always wish we can get something like that at home.  It will work great if you have a large loft with tall, tall ceilings, don't you think?  So much cooler than wallpapers.

We found a source today for it that we thought you might want to check out.  They do mostly commercial installations but you can buy them for residential as well.

Here are some samplings:

To see more portfolios and get product information, visit the vendor's web site here.

How to Decorate a Minimalist Interior of the House With Photo Albums

home interior design
How to decorate a minimalist interior of the house with photo albums:
  1. Home interior design will look more beautiful by installing a photo album with small size if many
  2. If you want to install a big size photo album should only be 1 or 2 only. because it is more beautiful and suitable in view

Friday, 9 April 2010

Custom Homes Minimalist

AHS Construction can build your first home or your dream retirement! We have built a simple house in the city until the starter on a high-end retreat on the shores of Lake Marble Falls. We can work from your plans or help you design your dream home. Contact us if you are interested in building a quality home

Wednesday, 7 April 2010