Friday, 5 June 2009

Philosophy Minimalis home Garden

Is a minimalist concept of the architecture that includes a garden with reflektion in the form of simple, rigid, and functional. However, this concept is associated with the pattern of thought and way of life of urban communities all practical, lightweight and eficient.

There are two garden home design philosophy that is
minimalist home garden philosophy east and west. Western philosophy that tends to more rational and functional so that pressing on the function of each room in the land can benefit just as in the garden. In addition, the expression of honesty in the minimalist garden design west very dominant due to the material that the use of plain or design elements are minimal.

Philosophy home garden design west has a minimalist layout is simple. Hard elements have the forms without the geometrical Ornament. Material on the material elements of the show with the fair. Philosophy is minimalist garden looks more bold and underline the concept is minimalist.

Meanwhile, the concept of minimalist home garden design h in the east by affect understand zen-Buddhism, a Buddhist understand the very philosophy, philosophy of minimalist garden east have spiritual value, the impression is clean, smooth, clear, serene, and the concept of giving tersebt quiet and comfortable atmosphere in the space limited.

garden minimalist philosophy eastern philosophy has a role as a matchbetween the building and the surrounding environment. Effect of harmony and ignites between them can be easily created. In addition, the park is a therapy for physical energy and spiritual nya.konsep for the use of home design and garden minimalist minimalist aim to increase the overall shape. Both the exterior and interior, with all things that reduce excessive. Present home and garden-style minimalist jembantan into the inter artsitek buildings and gardens with the minimalist
philosophy of the garden.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Minimalist Home design

Lifestyle Community efesien growing with time and the high activity envisaged in the trends of home and the simple dynamic. Building a home design with a minimalist concept of a favorite choice for people at this time. Therefor, in the field of property development race racing to provide the home with the concept. Minimalist trend is developing in the exterior to interior home design, home with a minimalist home design.

Minimalist form of the home have combined with the geometrical forms of development such as the other box, rectangle, and triangle. It is seen from the appearance of the house-shaped box on the wall and window. Ornament on nearly minimalist house will never be found in every detail in the home. Minimalist effect on the can in the home design with a symmetrical concept. The use of such complex detail of the home classic style will never be in the find. The use of materials and building materials with a shape line with the placement of vertical and horizontal color home appearance, as there is in the window, wall or fences, forms of glass and windows, or any fence wall. Forms of window glass and the terms of the four phases of state and strengthen the character minimalist.

Minimalist look of the home design to give the impression honest, because any material appearing there. Use of any more sparingly and without lowering the quality of materials power For example, the use of concrete or steel coated with no exposure other materials. The use of lightweight materials, such as steel stainless stell da detail on the buildings in the exposure, giving the impression light, has solid technology, and dynamic.

Consists of a minimalist home design room effective and functional. Every room lightly impressive. Light and air can enter into any rungan so that natural lighting and air circulation in the room to get optimal results.

For a limited area, room created in the multifunctional, such as living room, family room, kitchen and made ignites. It is very practical, because the circulation in the room can be quickly and to function optimally. Put elements of interior decoration in wall, room floor is very small. Stay, that's not impressive rigid, due to the finishing building material made dynamic with the minimalist design home.

Property as a home interior complement folow basic geometric forms, simple, simple, lightweight, and functional. Color is also starting from the use of black, brown, white, and gray. charakter minimalist home interior design property on the show with the use of floodlight utnuk manipulate the atmosphere and the effect of the room. Use of lights is at least down to the type of light. Elections follow the color trends. colors of nature, which was then combined with the color contrast as appearance in the home accents enhance the style. Building home and interior combined with the color-contrast and bright colors, like red orange, and blue. Wrna contrast to its normal functions as accents does not look so rigid.

people increase the demand for home need lifestyle people the metropolis, simple, and dynamic and interest people against a simple, practical, and functional. Will make a
minimalist home design has its own charm.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Minimalist design Garden

Minimalist design Garden is a complementary element that can beautify the surrounding environment, especially for objects such as buildings die. In addition, the minimalist design garden also have an important role to incorporate the beauty and harmony of nature to the building. therefor, minamalist garden design buildings appear balanced and in harmony as one of interesting visualization.

Before creating the garden design, before the first concept beloved garden design to be a consistent and balanced, and conteks. For example, if a home arsitektual Bali style garden which must then be styled is Bali: the home-style Japanese garden design which is should be styled Japanese style as well as the minimalist concept design of home gardens in order to be minimalist style.

Minimalist design garden as the environment outside the building to give a great influence. because is a frame of a house so that it can enlarge the visualization. However, so far as this home design is not in the minimalist garden with a frame that has the same, so the concept of building and garden does not ignites.

people current interest is limited to a
minimalist building home design without including the concept of the same garden. Home minimalist expression rigid and robust as such, required spatial outside that can strengthen the concept. So that the effect is obtained with both the park suitable must be the same theme, that is comfortable with a minimalist design in the garden, so get a visualization harmony