Saturday, 31 July 2010

White Shelf Furniture Design as Home Decor Abstract

This is the design of furniture for the kitchen but can also be used as the interior of the house. Depending on the things of the wall paintings and interior decoration may desire most of all humans, from animal skins and cave paintings to modern art and decorative surfaces. Combining functionality and aesthetic appeal, modular wall rack system like this let people create their own combination of functional and storage of custom home decor minimalist.
Part of the appeal of this type of MDF Italian system is flexibility - the ability to slide the boxes and shelves around to fit the decorative element or another of any size width and height. Discounts are white by default by wood-tone accents this section are available as a well.Ã, Â Another key element though is the way this kind of design accommodates the mess: a bookshelf or a series of parallel symmetrical box straight and flat shelves, on the contrary, calls attention to what did not line up with the detailed attention to the organization as a whole.
Hidden metal brackets that reinforce the visual effect is just floating in space - slots for brackets and at the intersection of the individual panels also help to create a level of detail on a smaller scale to contrast with the overall composition. What is still missing, though, is some other material for the making of the mixture even more interesting - maybe glass shelves and boxes.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Gimme My Decorating Magazines Back!

The NY Times today has an article on The Selby.  You probably heard of the site.  It's about real people in their homes--some famous, some not.  The article also went on to discuss how people can relate more to "real places" than professionally decked up places frequently featured in decor magazines, which contributes to their ever growing popularity. 

We love the Selby too but in a way, it's like watching Rachel Ray cooks vs a professional chef.  There is no competition!    Magazines offer beautifully shot, gorgeous decor that we can fantasize about. We don't want to look at houses that look just like ours, for god's sake.  For example, look at the image below from Homebodies, one of the blogs mentioned:

We want our decorating magazines back!  We miss them, terribly.

Furniture Design: Custom Cabinets Wood Shelves

Unique furniture design bookshelf. In a smaller condo or apartment can be difficult to plan or to sacrifice space for storage. However, when the rack can see this beautiful book and become an integral part of interior design hallway extraordinary, it becomes easier to make decisions.

In the era of digital fabrication technologies, making curved cuts more easily than ever before - particularly in materials like this average has a plywood rack horizontal and vertical supports. DHF + design studios have built a relatively simple task: pre-cut pieces and then put them together like a puzzle of three-dimensional.
Lack of shelf space for books and collected and ended opportunities coupled with a desire for an artistic solution was allowed to wrap-around, built-in solution. Overall unit built along the walls, but also made to wrap on the ceiling and create exciting and bumpy transition envelope space between the entrance and main room of the house alive.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Real Cool Barstool

We totally dig this barstool from Arteriors. It has an unique shape to it, and we love the organic look/feel.

The barstool sells at $450/each  with free shipping.

You can find the specifications in our barstool section.

Modern Silk Flower Arrangements

Just want to share with you some beautiful modern floral arrangements we just got in...

These can be found in our silk flowers section. If you see them in person you wouldn't believe how real they look.

Modern and Glamorous-Chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove

We are loving this new chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove.  It's so chic, don't you think? 

The chandelier is priced at $925 including shipping.
The shades can also be replaced with parchment shades. The best thing is, it can be painted with any Benjamin Moore paint color. How clever!
You can find this chandelier in our Barbara Cosgrove Lamps section.

Furniture Design Two Functions: A Bed And TV

Furniture design two functions: Curved Canopy Bed and Built-In Projection TV

The first design: the design - even without the unique concept of built-in television - itself a sigh-worthy for fans of contemporary curves, lightweight materials, or only minimal white bed. but still curious about adding a canopy for privacy, aesthetic or functional reasons.
Long stretches of white fabric support may bend to the side of the AFP, the balance of flexibility to article STABILITY Dan Dan the framework of the canopy cover material. Ã, Â Danijel barring the entire piece can also be taken apart for washing articles, Danijel re-aimed as an interior room privacy screen Bedroom Danijel On the contrary. In many ways, the concept of Good Husband is more practical / efficient but also more appealing to the traditional canopy rely on excessive decoration for articles that make a statement.
For the design of the TV. Yes, you can project your favorite show on the surface of the canopy material as well, but warned: if you have difficulty sleeping, high-tech hybrid bed plus a built-in television will probably stay up later than you want. Joey Van den Berghe This was created as a project design school graduate theses, however, is so safe to say that he may not get much sleep well at the moment of creation.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Home Bar Design by Jason J. Three Rivers, MI

"... Attached some photos I took the bar I had just finished. I purchased and used the instructions as you build the speedy construction of a template for my bar. Instructions are logical and very easy to follow. I decided to use corrugated galvanized metal for the front and sides of my bars to keep the look "stainless" steel, I was looking for. This works very well and low maintenance approach. "

Home Bar Design

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Home Bar Plans by G. Scott M. Buffalo, NY

Home Bar DesignsHome Bar Designs

"I actually ordered three different sets of plans bar, and I'm pleased to say that I chose you to build amazing results. And I want to share some photos with you. Planning for an easy to follow, and the bars come together with well I use 3 / 4 "oak plywood for the most part, and add beer to the back side of the ditch. I am very excited! Thank you for your assistance in putting together "." Pub Murray! "

Friday, 23 July 2010

Effective Design and Minimalist in Apartments

Do not hesitate to break down the concept of total occupancy in the apartment. With a little creativity, effectiveness and use of minimalist and financial aid, the apartment can be transformed as we want.

For residents of large cities, the apartment is the best choice for lodging. Parties, to be able to get vacant land or a house in the middle of the city clearly is not easy. In addition to the land that had been reduced, the price is selangit.Tak Surefire, could buy a room in an apartment building into a big happiness. That's also the price is not cheap. In fact, residents could only have the right of the building, minus the area of the building.

While the rooms have an area owned by the generally limited. Although we have enough money, the maximum space that can be owned apartments still have limitations. One limitation is quite annoying compared to conventional homes. Inevitably must be clever to outsmart the building occupants had it.

They should be able to make the interior design makes it comfortable to be occupied dwelling. Therefore, the same function room apartment with a home, despite having much of a difference.

"Obviously not the same. Arrange the shrewdness of the apartment dwellers need to do the design according to his will. For a flat bought ready-made, can not be built without restraint," said architect Probo Hindarto to Seputar Indonesia.

According to the Probo, designing something that is so clearly more difficult than making something totally new. For apartment dwellers can not change the eksterior.Pasalnya, part of it was already established by the developer. These sections have the exterior of unity with others in the apartment building, so that residents can do is to outsmart the other parts that can be processed.

"The worst may be formed by the residents is the interior. This is where residents can play around with the design," he said.

Probo added, for the interior, occupants should take into account the terms of the interior is minimalist and the desired effectiveness. Because in the apartment, the limitations of space becomes the main issue. Of course the most important note is the problem furnitur.Penghuni should choose furniture that did not take space and can give the impression area.

"It is important to outsmart the interior, especially in the selection of furniture that does not take place too much," he said.

In addition, residents must also select materials that can bring a comfortable atmosphere. According to him, one of the most difficult thing to get is the beauty of alam.Biasanya apartment dwellers, lack of land makes residents difficult to have a private garden. In fact, the natural atmosphere can give peace to the soul as well as feeling comfortable.

"Residents can choose natural materials. Can the many uses of wood elements or ornamental plants for indoors," he advised.

The presence of indoor plants will make the occupancy becomes more healthy. Increasing environmental pollution has a negative impact on health caused by free radicals that can harm health manusia.Polutan a substance that can harm human health. You may not be able to avoid these problems, but you can muffle a variety of ways. Like eating food that contains lots of antioxidants.

Another way is to put ornamental plants in the room. "Indoor plants can also make our homes much more fresh and sterile, free from pollution or free radicals," said landscape designer Arimbi Son.

There are several types of indoor ornamental plants that can become a choice, among others, Dracaena, firus, and sansiviera. However, to make room stay healthy, it should be noted how maintenance. In addition, the limited space should also be maximized by the occupants. Like for example the use of a separator. Use bulkhead must be truly effective and seminimalis possible.

"It could use a bulkhead or transparent glass products that can replace the bulkhead," said the Probo.

Meanwhile, the architect Imelda Akmal said, the selection of furniture to be the most important. According to him, does not necessarily have to replace the furniture that already exists, but who needs to do is outsmart shape.

"Under such conditions, built-in furniture can be a solution," said Imelda.

Built-in furniture is furniture made specifically about the size of the existing space to make it look neat. In addition, the concept of built-in also allows maximum utilization of space because it uses every inch of space. For example built-in wardrobe could use the width and height of the wall until you reach the ceiling, so didapatlah greater storage space.

"Built-in cabinets model not only for storing clothes, but also other equipment such as bed sheets, blankets, bags, even shoes," said Imelda, who has published dozens of books about the world of architecture and interiors.
In addition, modular furniture (large containers with a variety of space saving) will save space for storage. Under seat storage cupboards have shoes or a magazine. Under the bed can be placed or bendabenda book which may take place.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Minimalist Modern House Interior Wood Model

This is a Modern Minimalist Interior House Model Wood. A harmonious blend between the interior of the house and home building facades will make your house look good in view. Moreover, if your house model home interior design is certainly a minimalist type homes and style should match your own house minimalist model.

Interior House will not escape with sitting room, of course, you can design an interior room with a living room with color or style ornament round ornament, boxes or geometric shape as interior access to living room TV cabinet or cabinet display goods - your antiques .

If you want your house minimalist traditional impression you could add a minimalist interior of the house on a table or chair with teak wood in traditional designs or can be a collection of objects when you are traveling to Bali or regions - areas that offer by the unique local handicrafts or objects - objects when you go abroad.

Iridescence on the family room which uses wood to choose from with teak wood which has good qualities could also nyantoh with wood fibers with a straight - straight or mahogany color with a reddish rather simple design does not use carving - carving or profile .

Color - bright colors is perfect for additional bedroom house minimalist interior rooms can sleep on the bed headboard if you like the wallpaper you can choose a picture - a picture with shades of leaf - leaves, chicken - ayaman bamboo or images - drawings other.

While the tables and chairs in the dining room, also selected a simple model. His top table can use wood, can also wear glasses. Dining room ornamented walls, such as sandstone, Yogyakarta and mirror glass boxes (stained glass).

Then for the lighting using geometric-shaped pendants, round, box, or a prism. While for the high chair, most with high backing and material used is usually 'chenille' brown, beige or black leather.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Minimalist House Design Interior Lighting to Feature Nature

This is a minimalist house design to feature natural interior lighting. Arquitectos OmasC delivered their latest home design minimalist interior featuring warm atmosphere and interior natural lighting. Natural lighting coming into the home through energy efficient windows can reduce the use of electric lights in the interior of the house, thus saving energy costs. Windows is a great way to bring light into the house. They have a lot of small windows and sliding doors are transparent so that the house is filled with natural light throughout the day. Which also gives the possibility to enjoy nature from the deck around not only small but also from inside the house.

Home interior design

House Interior Design Minimalist

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tree Shaped Saitan Villa Facade in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Unique and stunning home design

This is Villa Saitan Tree Shaped Facade. Located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Saitan Villa was designed as a residential project of 11 units for one person. EAST Designed by Design Office, the architecture is built on the alley from Nishioji-Hachijo, which houses a little town about 100 years old remain. Views facade designed based on the shape of trees such as motive, to make people see that architecture is a tree.

Some exploration has been created by the architecture to the open, edge sharpness, the outline of the curve, and the total relationship between them. Thus, making the shape of the tree as the most dynamic among all the possibilities. Residential entrance is tree roots, where people enter into the root.

Entrance design is set in the style of the park road that seems to house in the city of Kyoto. The trunk grows from the roots, and dynamic stretches to the sky. Around the slit, there is a window of leaves and flowers. 11 housing units distributed into the interior of the leaves and flowers. Design of all housing units are different.

A design of open space set in the side alley site. A garden path is set in the heart of architecture. It connects open space for the neighbors yard north of town. This area still keeps the peripheral air since the old days, although the number of high-rise apartments and office buildings rise gradually increased.

The total area used for building this 302 square meter building with three stories above the ground. "Tree Housing" indicates one of the solutions of low-rise housing project in a quiet residential area but solid built.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Is Comfortable Minimalist House to be Occupied?

Minimalist House Design
Minimalist house will obviously feels comfortable to live in an urban society that completely practical, functional, lightweight, economical, and efficient, because minimalism is the embodiment of their lifestyle, according to the needs of their functions. Symbol of the metropolis lifestyle. A simple way of life totally.

Home furnishings following the basic geometric shapes of buildings, efficient, and functional course. A careful arrangement of light and artsy (floodlights, lamps planting, hanging lamps, garden lamps) makes the house look more artistic minimalist in the evening.

Minimalist house will continue to expand along with the creativity of architects, design innovation, and supported technological sophistication, creating a minimalist home appearance will always be present with new breakthroughs that are fresh, the more perfect detail, and increasingly affordable prices. The presence of minimalist homes just a medium for communication between architecture and landscape with a contrast between natural and man-made things (culture).

Structuring a minimalist style garden will provide a "spirit" of the stiffness of a structure of softness, hardness materials, and harmony of living with shady environment around. The presence of shade trees, lawns, and other shade plants provide fresh air and life to fill the "void" minimalist house.

In the end the house minimalist aesthetic is no longer rely on ornaments and artificial objects, but more meaningful to an honesty of form, function, and the inspiration that created space. So no wonder if then the house becomes a choice of minimalist urban society which yearns honesty, simplicity, and innocence.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Jamie Young Lamps

Have you seen the new Jamie Young lamps lately?  They have some beautiful new fabrics...

If you are not familiar with Jamie Young, check it out. It's a really cool line.  Well-made and not too terribly expensive.  Plus you can swap out the shades to create different looks.

Here are some of our favorites:

We'll be posting these up in our Jamie Young Lamps section by the end of this week.

PS Did you notice the slideshow? Cool heh? We just discovered it on Picasa. It's free and super simple to use.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design | Modern Kitchen Recycling

Modern Kitchen RecyclingThis is a Modern Kitchen Design recycled. With the reflection in a practical way, as the environment, the main ingredient used in the modern kitchen from wood, stainless steel, aluminum and glass. everything really recycled. The doors are constructed using glass on aluminum frame - lightweight and versatile. A work plan was also made of solid glass. A snack bar wood brings a practical and attractive feature, equally suitable for entertaining guests while cooking or providing breakfast for the kids.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

Modern Minimalist House Design Drawings

Minimalist Home Designs
Affordable satisfactory results you can create a minimalist modern house like the picture above

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Contemporary Dinnerware

Do you ever go to fancy restaurants and wish you can buy the dinnerware?  The ones that are so cool and make everything look better?  Well, we saw some at the Dallas show and we thought we'd share it with you.  It's so cool, and not too expensive either.  The line is made in Germany--very contemporary and sleek.

Here are some examples:

You can buy them directly at the vendor's web site.  They are sold in Euro.

Minimalist House Design Gallery

Minimalist house design data:
Project: Dwelling
Client Name: Mr. Aan
LB / LT: LT 200 / LB 220M2
Budget: $ 200,000
Description: Currently under construction

Monday, 5 July 2010

Dreaming of A Modern Beach Home

Are you summering somewhere this summer?  Not us!  We're stuck here at work, trying to make a living.

But indulge in fantasies we must. So let's look at some really, really pretty modern beach houses today...

In case you are wondering, this house is in Alys Beach, Florida.  Don't you just love how simple and neutral it is?