Thursday, 29 July 2010

Furniture Design Two Functions: A Bed And TV

Furniture design two functions: Curved Canopy Bed and Built-In Projection TV

The first design: the design - even without the unique concept of built-in television - itself a sigh-worthy for fans of contemporary curves, lightweight materials, or only minimal white bed. but still curious about adding a canopy for privacy, aesthetic or functional reasons.
Long stretches of white fabric support may bend to the side of the AFP, the balance of flexibility to article STABILITY Dan Dan the framework of the canopy cover material. Ã, Â Danijel barring the entire piece can also be taken apart for washing articles, Danijel re-aimed as an interior room privacy screen Bedroom Danijel On the contrary. In many ways, the concept of Good Husband is more practical / efficient but also more appealing to the traditional canopy rely on excessive decoration for articles that make a statement.
For the design of the TV. Yes, you can project your favorite show on the surface of the canopy material as well, but warned: if you have difficulty sleeping, high-tech hybrid bed plus a built-in television will probably stay up later than you want. Joey Van den Berghe This was created as a project design school graduate theses, however, is so safe to say that he may not get much sleep well at the moment of creation.

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