Thursday, 1 July 2010

Minimalist Home Design: How To Maximize the Small Space

Minimalist house design before and after

Minimalist space in your house so narrow, and feels cramped? but to add the room was not possible due to limited funds or land? Do not be frustrated first. please refer to the idea of an architect's minimalist home design below.

An architect who lost his job in the United States decided to stay and work from a cramped space that he had hired a very reasonable price. The architects tried to anticipate the limitations of space and the design so that it possessed a narrow space can be maximized and support activities.

This can be emulated by home owners and minimalist with its narrow space, provided early in the design carefully, so that the selection and placement of furniture or other items it can support the idea that you want.
Before the design is minimalist home
Minimalist house design sketches
Design minimalist house before renovation
Appliances and furniture design Mini Shelves
Work Space Design
Bed design
Versatile table minimalist design
Staircase design
Design lounge

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