Friday, 5 June 2009

Philosophy Minimalis home Garden

Is a minimalist concept of the architecture that includes a garden with reflektion in the form of simple, rigid, and functional. However, this concept is associated with the pattern of thought and way of life of urban communities all practical, lightweight and eficient.

There are two garden home design philosophy that is
minimalist home garden philosophy east and west. Western philosophy that tends to more rational and functional so that pressing on the function of each room in the land can benefit just as in the garden. In addition, the expression of honesty in the minimalist garden design west very dominant due to the material that the use of plain or design elements are minimal.

Philosophy home garden design west has a minimalist layout is simple. Hard elements have the forms without the geometrical Ornament. Material on the material elements of the show with the fair. Philosophy is minimalist garden looks more bold and underline the concept is minimalist.

Meanwhile, the concept of minimalist home garden design h in the east by affect understand zen-Buddhism, a Buddhist understand the very philosophy, philosophy of minimalist garden east have spiritual value, the impression is clean, smooth, clear, serene, and the concept of giving tersebt quiet and comfortable atmosphere in the space limited.

garden minimalist philosophy eastern philosophy has a role as a matchbetween the building and the surrounding environment. Effect of harmony and ignites between them can be easily created. In addition, the park is a therapy for physical energy and spiritual nya.konsep for the use of home design and garden minimalist minimalist aim to increase the overall shape. Both the exterior and interior, with all things that reduce excessive. Present home and garden-style minimalist jembantan into the inter artsitek buildings and gardens with the minimalist
philosophy of the garden.

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