Monday, 1 June 2009

Minimalist design Garden

Minimalist design Garden is a complementary element that can beautify the surrounding environment, especially for objects such as buildings die. In addition, the minimalist design garden also have an important role to incorporate the beauty and harmony of nature to the building. therefor, minamalist garden design buildings appear balanced and in harmony as one of interesting visualization.

Before creating the garden design, before the first concept beloved garden design to be a consistent and balanced, and conteks. For example, if a home arsitektual Bali style garden which must then be styled is Bali: the home-style Japanese garden design which is should be styled Japanese style as well as the minimalist concept design of home gardens in order to be minimalist style.

Minimalist design garden as the environment outside the building to give a great influence. because is a frame of a house so that it can enlarge the visualization. However, so far as this home design is not in the minimalist garden with a frame that has the same, so the concept of building and garden does not ignites.

people current interest is limited to a
minimalist building home design without including the concept of the same garden. Home minimalist expression rigid and robust as such, required spatial outside that can strengthen the concept. So that the effect is obtained with both the park suitable must be the same theme, that is comfortable with a minimalist design in the garden, so get a visualization harmony

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