Thursday, 28 May 2009

Minimalist Home Garden design Tips

Tips minimalist garden home design Building a house is part of nature. Therefore, both should complement each other. The main regulation in the home garden desgin. Regulation should be minimalist house and garden became the main concern for designers and home owners to be able to produce the good.

Currently, urban life with activities that there is a dense and rare green space longing to get a fresh and natural. Therefore, many people the spend is time to get the atmosphere going to the recreation park is far enough distance from the house. While such a scene can be created in the home environment by managing the plant and the beautiful harmonious.

The presence of a beautiful minimalist garden design will beautify the garden would beautify the building's appearance. Therefore, it is the comparison between the building and park is 60% for the basic building coefficient and 40% for basic green koefoesien so healthy and comfortable home in akan get. However, at this time it is rarely found because the area is limited. Many home owners can not make the garden according to the amount recommended. In fact diffluent is a water park and around it.

Should park in the house in order and concept with the same design building home. For example, a house with a minimalist concept should Pair in the
minimalist garden design, tropical-style house with a garden should be a tropical style. This is because do park functions as a frame building home design so that there will be a consistent mix.

There is a minimalist theme to give inspiration to cultivate gardens on the same, so home owners can experience balance-themed theme park so that home owners can feel the balance of space, both in house and outside the home, the end will realize an environment that is consistent and harmonious tips home with
minimalist garden design.

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