Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Understanding Garden Minimalis

Minimalist garden design is becoming a trend in urban life. It also gives effect to the concept of home and garden. Minimalist gardens also have the attraction power because regulation that simple functional and can treat his tired eyes during the event.

The minimalist garden contextual character of the house has a simple and efesien in the room and easy in maintenance. This makes the concept of the garden has a
minimalist design concept of this tune by the designer and owner of the house.

The concept of the garden has a minimalist design philosophy based on the original two, namely the west and east. Filosofo will affect the final design of the park. Elements of the garden from the minimalist type element to complement the plant has a different character.

The minimalist design garden is a garden to attend because of a minimalist form of the building so that it will create a contextual environment. In addition, the park with this concept are as easy in the making and producing.

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