Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Minimalist garden

minimalist garden design with a garden will be visible to the minimalist design. Both will be complementary and can present as a visualization of tune and harmonious. Combination gives pisitif impact for the environment, especially the home. Environment that will create a comfortable and beautiful. Meanwhile, energy and feelings of calm postof akan acquired the house.
Minimalist garden is most appropriate if the house compare with the minimalist solution to limited land, time and cost.

How the minimalist garden design:

1. Building a harmonious and natural :

Buildings and nature are the two things complement each other. Therefore, a house will look better if it has a beautiful garden that has the same concept. For example, a house with a minimalist concept of the season at this time followed by the minimalist berkonsep also.
House comes with minimalist concept of building a simple and minimal Ornament. The presence of a minimalist garden to its location in front of, behind, or building a house next to the dead with the environment outside.

2. outmanoeuvre Limited :

The increasing demand and development board in the home country effect on the lack of availability of land for the IM, especially for land in the yard green house, this house has a lot of land for the rest of the garden is small, it is also sometimes used also as a place nyimpan goods that are then Carport to be.

Now more people focus on the needs of space so that the function does not change the function of rare green building to be physical. In fact, very green area effect on the natural environment even a little. So that rain water can seep into the soil, ideal to its comparison of building a house and garden is
50-79% for a basic green coefficients. It is also a reference in designing a comfortable and healthy in the midst of limited land which narrow, not closing the possibility to keep the garden at home. With the concept of minimalist garden, apliasi types of plants that are not dense and does not require a lot of space to be the right choice, but must adjust to a minimalist too.

Activities that people make a garden grow is not a concern at home. However, the minimalist garden can overcome the limitations of time and cost, because the park is cheaper in the making and maintenance because the use two ways to finishing earlier
minimalist garden design.

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