Monday, 25 May 2009

Variety Characters Minimalist

Minimalist garden has a protean character who can be minimal in the developed based on the type of plants and gardens design including the following:
  • Aromatic garden, the park that has a soft Scape plants that balmy.
  • Pharmacy Plant life, that is a plant that has a soft Scape medicinal plant
  • Water plant, the plant that has a soft Scape form water plants and water elements such as waterfalls and ponds.
  • Spice plants, the gardens have a soft Scape a plant needs for cooking

Present its concept of a minimalist start building a house, minimalist interior and exterior gardens provide a solution to the design of parks, current this land to be left in the garden house is very limited, therefor, character minimalist garden provides a good to a park in panataan land a narrow, because this principle as a ground floor can give a broad impression of the wide area visualization

Minimalist garden with this concept as a function of the building to its architectural appearance, the garden is a complementary element to show the characters, besides, the plant functions as a decorative element of the building so that the impression that appears between the first building and the building's appearance can be hard. Character of the plant is the plant does not grow wield. plant must have clarity in the form of, as not too many leaves, has a strong branch, and have exotic characters.

Usually the garden with the characters tend to use this type of plant in the same amount of mass, or up to two plants. Plants placed in the top around grass green or coral rock from the color and black and white sand as ground cover, this being one of the characteristics, plant garden in a place on the potery with a simple form. The use of accents on the plant and through hard Scape color in between the soft colors like white, gray, or natural increase eye Catcher. The use of elements of the pond water with a simple regulation or regulation with a pond or a simple dingding consisting waterfall plant pad to give the impression that more natural, cool, and quiet.
Minimalist gardens in the present form and the horizontal line verikal crystal clear, the form of the pure and sincere, have character, and has quality. Minimalist garden to bring clarity and freshness for relaxation and meditation, enlightenment through psychological and physical therapy can be through the plant assets.

Parks has multiformity minimalist character as follows:

- Material efesien, practical and lightweight
- Few decorative Ornament
- The elements of da water park
- Practical in its maintenance
- Efesien in the optimization space
- The type of plant is not dense sederhan
- Character building more prominent.
- Sydney is a minimalist garden with a regulation that simple, functional, and minimal Ornament

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