Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Design House Brings Green to Misa

Started by David Wax and his partner Ben Uyeda, FreeGreen is making green home designs free for everyone. 2005's Solar Decathlon blew us away, but we are fascinated by the amazing Solar House from Cornell University. This team brought home a beautiful zero-energy to the mall in Washington, DC, and has just launched ZeroEnergy Design, home design firm focused on zero-energy design. Continuing their momentum as green home design teacher, two of the Cornell Solar Decathlon team has just launched a new effort that aims to bring green design to the masses through a special innovative business model called FreeGreen.
FreeGreen provides a selection of green home design for free, with a variety of styles from traditional to modern. While the basic design for free, homeowners can take the process further and customize their designs with the cost (and very reasonable) extra. The cost of the design process, and free house plan, kept to a minimum through partnerships between FreeGreen and green building products manufacturer - paid placement from product manufacturers.

As homeowners consult with FreeGreen to design customized, they are introduced to healthy, energy efficient, sustainable products that sponsor FreeGreen's eco-companies. This is a collaborative win-win-win that introduces people to the principles of green building and products and allows consumers on any budget to have a custom-designed, green home.

In the end, FreeGreen is about providing people with options and knowledge to make decisions. Green building products are widely available, but sorting through various options, or even know where to look, is a daunting task for most new homeowners. Freegreen solving this problem by offering a very good green building consulting with little cost to the consumer. According to founder, "is the goal at FreeGreen not produce environmentally friendly home possible but rather to provide a variety of different home plans that allow people to create homes to suit their lifestyles in a responsible and fair."

FreeGreen launched this month began with several great designs including our favorite, The Loft Suburban, modern home suitable for all climates. Marked with an open floor plan and loft ceiling space, this design will be available in various sizes to meet a lot of lifestyle and landscape.

We think FreeGreen is a great idea and a wonderful way to bring information, innovation and green design options for everyone - We are very excited to announce the launch of FreeGreen "because green design should be accessible to all." [Via]

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