Saturday, 20 March 2010

Important, Details In Minimalist House Design

Details In Minimalist House Design
Important, details in Minimalist House Design

Infinite Creativity exhibition displays 20 works of the participants Minimalist House Design Competition.

One of the works that could be presented in front of the jury received more attention from the jury on the issue in the design details. Works quite well made. It's just that aspect of detail in a design must be considered.

The footprint of the data, participants cultivate the face of the house in accordance with case studies presented in the competition. The design offered by the last finalist, Agus Indra Didik from Gadjah Mada University is quite interesting.

Balcony on the second floor that can enter and appropriate use, and then sliding door on the first and second floor that is easy to access and out of the owner and the air ventilation is adequate to the added value compared to the other finalists.

Remains a good idea to think about details. Because both of the material details of matter or effective ways of application of ornament in design is important to note. This relates to ease homeowners use what was in his house.

Details are referred to by Sukendro Sukendar related to effective functioning of a device in the house. For example, how to open a sliding door on the second floor balcony to be open. Sukendro better to use some sort of pulley puller tool to open it instead of using a window latch.

Use of the latch is slightly dangerous in this case, users who are not accustomed to suddenly stuck. Once again, safety must also be considered in making a building, especially the home.

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