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Minimalist Home Design and Garden Into the Current Trends

Minimalist Home Design and Garden Into the Current Trends

Since a few years ago and minimalist house design minimalist garden into housing trends become a favorite choice of consumers into the house that the new symbol of cosmopolitan society, which is a reflection of the way of life, thought, and urban public works the very practical, lightweight, efficient, and full simplicity.

The house and garden is a community cultural values of nature and life residence. Where home is a place to live, resting, socializing, family, and worship. While the park is a reflection of natural energy, and the source of life. When the house and garden was designed as a harmonious life will give energy to the occupants.

The concept of minimal house and garden aims to increase the value of an entire room for the exterior and interior to reduce the excess of everything in the room. The concept of a minimalist lifestyle shows practical, dynamic, concise, effective, and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life including house building architecture, interior space and exterior gardens.

Collaboration minimalist house and garden is a combination of communication media between architecture and landscape in the form of contrast, hard-soft, stiff, soft, geometric, dynamic, and between man-made or cultural in nature.

Minimalist house eliminates a lot of saturation with the use of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks accessories. Character and quality of spaces created by the existence of space defined itself, not by the furniture and accessory knick-knacks in it. Space becomes felt relieved as the primary needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air, and lighting is abundant sunshine.

Typical homes have minimal natural light sources from windows, doors, transparent walls, shade trees, plants and paving composition, will present an appropriate image objects from sunlight reflected off the walls as a natural aesthetic separate elements. While the game system very artistic lights, spotlights good, light plant, to the chandelier with geometric shapes, will liven the evening minimalist home.

Home design minimalist forms are straightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, and efficiency-effective space. Blocking mass, materials, lighting, repetition, circulation compact, multifunctional space optimization and sequential. The value does not rely on the beauty of the house ornaments and artificial objects, but more meaningful to an honest form, function, and the inspiration that spaces are created.

Structuring minimalist home and garden requires a harmonious overall look, a combination of hard materials, the physical structure of buildings and exotic plants, exotic colors, as well as supporting elements (such as: lights, pond, benches, sculptures, furniture). Harmony requires minimal materials, shape, color, and texture with the impression conveyed to the warm, intimate, romantic, natural, or futuristic. Games monochromatic colors with themes such as the gradation of one or two primary colors to create unity between the house and the garden.

Structuring minimalist furniture requires an order, where everything is orderly in their respective position. Room in a house filled with furniture that is very efficient and functional course. Selected furniture that is only really needed, not a decorative element, if possible, so the one multifunction net impressed and relieved. Furniture interior and exterior with geometric forms have a goal of maximizing use of space, there is no room left gaps or dead.

Parks play an important role include the beauty and harmony of nature into the building and together with the surrounding natural environment. The presence of water element in the form of geometric and form pools of water calm, waterfalls, or water spray (fog effect) brings stillness and coolness of the space and audience space.

Unity minimalist house and garden they should belong together form the fabric outer space, buildings, and space in a balanced, mutually harmonious way, and not dominate the other. The division of space is very efficient, functional, and clear hierarchy, and reduce the need for space that is not important. Integrating the minimalist house and garden will bring a home environment calm and soothing.

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