Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Modern Interior design - Lumina Lighting

Modern interior design ideas Lumina Lighting Italian  Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-2  Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-3  Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-5

One of the great Italian house ideas interior design called Lumina with a modern and minimalist. The focus is on lighting and selects the best light indoor furniture. The Pearl is the latest innovation in soft light Lumina Italy, and is paying a little innovative, light, ultra-thin technology for the home. This lighting design customizable interior is inspired by and later described the pearl. The best album of ceiling lamps and wall light balls of light skin, balanced and just hanging cable. Place these customizable collection independently or in a group of wonderful raised higher than your lobby, hovering appear in the chain of the stairs at the end of the end of the corridor, or somewhere in the house For a period and extraordinary. Ultra-modern home design interior lighting by E. and W. Cimini Monica. This is inspired by the sample photos of home decorating ideas Lumania for home decorating.

Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-4   Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-6  Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-7  Modern-interior-design-ideas-Lumina-Lighting-Italian-9 

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