Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Modern home design in Bnaider by AGi Architects

It is difficult to meet demands for rich people when it’s about building a house. Sometimes architects have to deal with bad taste of clients and dictatorial attitude. This bold house is called Star House in Bnaider, Kuwait and it’s designed by AGi Architects. It’s modern home design indeed but it’s really bold and cold I must say. Although the stairs are made from wood we can’t sense the welcoming atmosphere at this waterfront house plans. The pool that faces the ocean is definitely great but it’s only because of the vista. On the lower level, the house extends into the landscape and the sea.

Star House (1)

AGi Architects made this beach house plans in correlation with the coastline of Kuwait. It’s a nice approach but unluckily it’s too edgy. This is perhaps the most architectural beach house design which others might say that it’s great but not to us. The initial design was originally made for three detached dwellings and the client opted for a single modern house design, two bungalows and a boathouse to make it possible for further expansion in the future. Still it’s a good place for a minimalist resort house

Star House (2)

Star House (9)

Star House (12)

Star House (5)

Star House (3)

Star House (6)

Star House (7)

Star House (8)

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